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Corewinders produce a cardboard tube (core) on which the tissue web is wound. To produce the tube, up to three strips of coreboard are wound in spiral fashion on a metallic mandrel, and then glued layer on layer.


236 Corewinder

Simple in its modular design, with a cutting section separate from the core formation area. Simple in maintenance, as the single cutting blade requires no adjustment during its replacement.
Simple in mandrel changes, thanks to a new mandrel support system and easy-to-replace core strip guides. Simple in the cutting process with a flying-cut mechanism.
Mainly dedicated to the production of large-diameter cores, max. 90 mm,  it also manufactures smaller diameter cores at high speeds, 130 mpm with mandrel diam. 50 mm., an ideal solution for swing lines dedicated for Away-from-Home and Consumer products.

282MGT Corewinder

An automatic unit with vertical former and fixed mandrel that produces cores up to 5,500 mm in length, at a speed of up to 165 m/min.

Attention to technical detail makes it an extremely flexible machine. Core characteristics can be set easily, the diameter changed quickly and easily, the thickness chosen up to 1.5 mm.

Cores can be produced using from one (with the optional LITEPly® System), up to three strips. Each working phase of the corewinder is electronically adjustable to assure that operations among the various components – from core production up to cutting and core discharge – are synchronized at all speeds, without having to stop the machine. This results in perpendicular cuts every time.

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