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The rewinder is the heart of the tissue converting line. It rewinds the parent reel into smaller logs of the same width as the parent reel, but with the diameter of the finished product. The rewinder also perforates the tissue web at pre-determined intervals (producing whatever sheet size is desired), controls the number of sheets in each log, and produces the pre-determined log diameter.



Since the introduction of our revolutionary three-roll winding system more than 30 years ago, it has proven its ability to deliver absolute transfer precision at maximum speed even today. In this surface system, the log is freely wound on the cores, with no need for a mandrel. Even the transfer system is optimized; the transfer is positive and does not involve the vacuum roll or cutting blade. Thread-up is accomplished by the rotating Sincro roll bringing the web close to the core. The winding rolls stay clean because the core, once glued, is immediately wrapped by the web.

TIME System

This evolution of the Sincro concept gives virtually complete control of the entire winding cycle. The three surface-controlled rolls interact with a pair of axial and pneumatic punzoncini (tutors) that are introduced one on each core extremity and remain inside until the core exits the machine. These punzoncini reduce any possible vibration and also allow greater control of log rotation speed and web tension, for greater safety and better winding. The approach increases production flexibility, allowing extra-soft products such as TAD to be worked just as quickly without sacrificing product quality.


EXTRA5 Automatic Rewinder

High product flexibility makes this an ideal machine for companies entering the toilet roll and kitchen towel market and for those who wish to improve the quality of their finished products. Its modular design and modest space requirement also permit this new rewinder to be easily retrofitted into existing lines, replacing older rewinder heads.

MILE 5.1 Automatic Rewinder

This new rewinder incorporates features considered a must by modern converters, such as the Sincro transfer system, a core handling system as that you can find on higher level machines and the ultimate flexibility for roll specifications. It also comes complete with the space required for a double perforation unit and an overhead core conveyor as standard features. It can reach a maximum roll diameter of 200 mm (7.8”) to produce those large diameter products.

MILE 7.1 Automatic Rewinder

The new rewinder MILE 7.1 can produce high quality toilet rolls and kitchen towels at production speeds up to 700 mpm and cycle rates of up to 50 logs per minute. The MILE 7.1 combines the concepts of flexibility, production automation and low maintenance with the features most sought by converters, such as simplicity of use, construction rationality and high-quality production – features that are difficult to find in other models claiming similar performances.

Sincro 4.5 EVO

This automatic rewinder, an evolution of the Sincro 4.5, offers a higher production speed of 550 mpm producing toilet rolls or kitchen towels at 22 logs/minute. It comes complete with an on-board tailsealer and external core bin.

TIME1000 Automatic Rewinder

This is our fastest machine for producing high quality, soft, bulky, low-density toilet rolls. Working at up to 1000 m/min, this rewinder represents the most evolved expression of the Sincro concept. Additional innovative concepts make it particularly efficient and reliable, and it is optimized in every detail to work particularly soft fibers, such as TAD.

System solutions – more than a machine

The Fabio Perini companies offer system solutions to support your tissue converting and packaging processes from start to finish.

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