Digital Tissue™
Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory in Tissue Production

Improve the performance of your Tissue Smart Factory 4.0

The Digital Tissue™ aims to empower Fabio Perini customers, creating a network of interconnected factories where automation and data will be the key for success.

Fabio Perini wants to create a new culture in the tissue industry, guiding its principal actors towards the creation of intelligent and efficient Smart Factories inspired by its innovative vision.

Digital Tissue™ will proceed along 3 lines to achieve its objective, implementing Machines, Applications and Services strictly connected, designed to be the 3 foundational pillars to build a Smart Factory.

The capacity of connecting and exchanging data between different machines is crucial in the 4.0 environment: Fabio Perini answers this claim with its Smart Machines. Each machine will be able to connect to the entire production line, allowing the formation of factory machines networks to optimize the production cycle…

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