3 Things to Know About Carbon T: The New Casmatic Packaging Solution for Tissue Roll Production Lines

Carbon T is the new wrapper machine of the Casmatic brand developed thanks to the technological know-how of Fabio Perini S.p.A. Energy saving, operational safety and attention to eco-sustainability make Carbon T the new reference point on the market, capable of helping tissue producers optimize the Overall Equipment Effectiveness of the entire line.


1. Energy saving and performance improvement

Carbon T is based on the consolidated A6T. Thanks to reducing the weight of numerous components with carbon fiber material, it is possible to obtain important reductions in mechanical stress and therefore friction, drastically reducing energy consumption and increasing the performance of the machine, which can reach a speed of 230 packs per minute for the formats of four rolls of toilet paper and two rolls of kitchen towels.


2. Operational safety and increase of efficiency thanks to Trolley One Touch

Carbon T offers the highest safety standards on the market thanks to the integration of automation systems that make it 100% operator free and safe. Thanks to Trolley One Touch, a robotic mechanical arm designed by Fabio Perini's engineers, the format changeover is completely automated without the need for intervention by the operator. This automatism also allows to obtain a saving of more than 80% of the format changeover time compared to traditional machines and to eliminate the setup errors due to inexperienced operators.


3. Commitment for eco-sustainability

Global society is very sensitive to issues of sustainability and environmental protection. The planet is suffering a serious problem regarding the disposal and recycling of plastic waste, and many companies are working to find alternatives to plastic using raw materials that are environmentally friendly and completely biodegradable. Casmatic is also moving in this direction. Carbon T is, in fact, able to treat biodegradable and compostable raw materials such as Mater-Bi, bioplastics, paper, and other eco-sustainable materials and Casmatic is carrying out numerous tests to ensure that the customer can maintain the same performance with these types of products.


Carbon T is part of the new portfolio of digital solutions Digital Tissue™: a set of intelligent machines interconnected with each other combined with smart software that allow the exchange of data between machines balancing the entire production and thus optimizing the production efficiency of the whole line.


If you want to know more about Carbon T and Casmatic's latest solutions, talk to Eros Burelli - Product Manager Packaging, and Matteo Giardini - Sales Director Packaging or contact us at this link.