Converting adopts the Process Control System to keep the quality of the finished product constant

Among the many solutions presented at iT's Tissue 2018, the new Process Control System was launched, which allows measuring on-line the main characteristics of the web and the finished product in a fully automated way and without human intervention. The system can measure the diameter, weight, and firmness of the log as well as the thickness of the tissue during the regular run of the line. Specifically, the thickness measurement, obtained at high speed, is carried out thanks to special sensors placed before and after the embossing station.

As far as the measurements on the finished product are concerned, it is possible in a completely automatic way to take the log, measure it and reinsert it in the production line without producing waste.

In particular, the measure of firmness is one of the most critical and important parameters not only for the converting but also for the packaging process. The experience of the Pivot laboratory in collaboration with the customers of Fabio Perini S.p.A. and the Research & Development department has allowed us to develop the optimal method of measuring the firmness.

Pivot: the added value in the creation of on-line measurement system.

Pivot, established in 2016, an advisory service by Fabio Perini that has played a crucial role in the implementation of these innovative digital measurement systems. Thanks to the expertise of the Pivot technicians, the data coming from the Process Control System have been verified to investigate their reliability and consistency with the devices currently available on the market and to our Customers. In particular for the high-speed thickness and firmness measuring instruments, a significant population of samples were analysed by the Pivot Lab. In this way, it was possible to validate the values collected and confirm the reliability of the data for all types of measurements.

 "Our machines aim to produce rolls that comply with the technical specifications of the Customer" - says Dario Giannini, Business Development Manager and head of the Pivot laboratory. "Until now, it was only possible to analyse product characteristics retrospectively; it was the operator who set the line parameters to obtain an acceptable product thanks to his experience. Now it is possible to have real-time responses, adjust the line parameters to minimize the variability of the final product, increase the quality and reduce waste thanks to our innovative Process Control System".

In slightly more than two years since the start of Pivot, data has been collected and analyzed on a wide range of product made with different types of tissue (conventional and structured) and using different line configurations. All this data increase the knowledge of Pivot, which helps our customers to optimize their production processes and develop innovative products. The uniqueness of Pivot lies in discovering the correlations between the quality of the finished product and the setting of the line parameters in order to always obtain the "best product recipe", obtaining higher efficiency while lowering costs.

MIAC 2018 and collaboration with Emtec Electronic

On the occasion of MIAC 2018, it will be possible to visit the Pivot lab and discuss with Dario Giannini on possible solutions and services for the optimization and innovation of your finished product. In addition, inside the laboratory, Emtec Electronic will be present to carry out a workshop for the demonstration of their innovative instrument for measuring softness.