The Club Tecnologia e Passione is pleased to present "LE VIE DEL TISSUE” (The Road of Tissue), an international meeting, promoted and organized by the Club, to learn and discuss about different aspects and realities of the Tissue paper industry.

a Roundtable
an Exhibition of Tissue products from different countries of the world
an Exhibition of a Tissue Handkerchief collection
an Award Ceremony of excellence in University and a Special Prize

The Roundtable:
Managers and entrepreneurs of companies outside Europe, producers of tissue paper, invited by the Club as guest speakers. A unique opportunity, at international level, to meet, learn and discuss about different aspects of the field of tissue paper industry and to emphasize the excellence existing in every country, to speak about differences in every production system, of the markets, with the aim of highlighting innovation, curiosities and peculiarities. A nice opportunity of relationship among people of this industrial sector.