Success Case: Strategic Alliance Between Fabio Perini and Alas Doradas

Market globalization imposes ever more rigorous quality and competitiveness standards on products and services. In the tissue industry, the Audit 360 program is Fabio Perini’s answer for boosting customer performance with greater savings, safety and quality.

The Audit 360 technical assistance program adopts a win-win strategic alliance approach for ensuring operational competitiveness and maximizing profitability of Fabio Perini’s customers. The results obtained by Alas Doradas – company based in El Salvador that manufactures paper towels, toilet paper and napkins – is an example that reflects the success of this long-term partnership that allows the company to remain an important exporter to all of Central America.

As the name already states, Audit 360 is a comprehensive technical program that revises the mechanical and electrical parts of machinery, in addition to assessing efficiency of the paper-conversion industrial process. It is a complete evaluation that encompasses several phases in a customized manner, in accordance with the industrial profile and growth expectations of each customer. Audit 360 will boost profitability by:

  • Increasing production speeds;
  • Increasing product yield;
  • Increasing processing reliability;
  • Improving product quality;
  • Updating technology;
  • Boosting knowledge about operations and maintenance needs;
  • Simplifying and documenting operating and maintenance tasks;
  • Expanding production line capacity.


In this program, Fabio Perini’s technical team works directly with the customer to define expectations, targets and action plans. The experience with Alas Doradas was so positive that the client insisted on publicly recognizing the excellent work done, presenting the Fabio Perini technicians a special plaque. “The relationship we have today exceeded a simple business relationship and became one of trust and friendship”, said Mario Bernal, Conversion Manager of the El Salvadoran company.

Main Results at Alas Doradas

Since 2015, Alas Doradas has been implementing a technical improvement program based on the 360° audit. Jaime Sermeño, Production Director, points out that the most important result in the relationship with Fabio Perini technicians has been “that in just two years, we’ve boosted efficiency by 27% and reduced waste by 4%. This led to a substantial improvement in costs.”


Alas Doradas is one of the companies that, throughout the world, works with Fabio Perini – an Italian company that since 1966 is the global leader in the supply of machinery and services for the tissue converting industry. Watch the following video that summarizes this trajectory of success with testimonials of people who experienced the program hands on:

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