T-evolution, tranforming tissue together

Dear Tissue Maker,

We are pleased to invite you to the 18th Tissue Making Conference, May 16-18, 2018 in Karlstad, Sweden.

The world but also the overall business environement is going through a transformation. Digitalization, new tools, solutions and demands change our shopping behavior where a new generation of impatient consumers take instant deliveries for granted. This forces also the tissue industry to develop new stratgies and solutions to satisfy their customers. During this conference you will learn more about the exciting future we are facing, new smart solutions that can make our life easier and get a glimps of where the consumer business are heading. The T-evolution is here.

You will also get the opportunity  to visit Valmet’s production premises and be the first to visit the recently rebuilt Tissue Technology Center where the pilot machine will be running in Advantage NTT mode. 

Tissue Making Days in Karlstad has a long tradition as the only event open exclusively to tissue makers. Since 1983 we have shared ideas, technologies and the current market trends with tissue producers from all over the world.


Explore the full conference program and reserve your seat today!

Get inspired , excited and enlightened in a creative environment and relaxing atmosphere. 

Warmly welcome!


Yours sincerely,

Anders Björn                Oswaldo Cruz Junior               Enrico Grassi

VP Tissue Mills                CEO                                                     President
Valmet                                Fabio Perini                                      Elettric80