Digitization opens up interesting growth prospects. Our goal is to become the leading provider of comprehensive solutions for the tissue ecosystem, to optimize the Overall Equipment Effectiveness of the entire lines.

We call this Digital Tissue™: a set of Smart softwares combined together with smart controllers, to manage the complete production line, optimize the output and report specific KPIs, gathering data directly from machines.

Tissue Data

A smart application to collect, monitor and analyse real-time data, of single machines, of an entire line and more lines in the same facility or across different locations. Available also for the installed base thanks to the new version called Tissue Data Cloud.



Overall Equipment Effectiveness information is kept under control, in real time, in terms of availability, performance and quality loss.


For each single piece of equipment, it is possible to control its history, the stops, product recipes, emergencies and lack of material.


User friendly dashboards and easy-to-read graphs are available to view, monitor and export machine information, along the full process chain.



Data is gathered directly from the PLC Gateway MGuard with protection data connection


Data is available on the Fabio Perini Customer Service Portal


Data is analysed by applying basic algorithms to generate reports on the O.E.E. and other production KPIs


Reports can be viewed on mobile devices and sent via e-mail


A smart application that helps to integrate and monitor Converting and Packaging processes, maximizing production output without human intervention.



Line speed balancing and maximization, together with product changeover management, contribute to maximize the O.E.E. of the converting and packaging lines.


The automated speed control functionality helps to balance the product flow between the machines and improve their running continuity, with no useless starts and stops.


HMI panels have been developed to easily support and guide during product and recipe change.


Live Layout Reports

The HMI panel of every machine displays information about their status, the actual speed and other data.

Line Product Recipe

This functionality allows to create, manage and re-call recipes for the entire line and single machines.

Speed Regulation

Machine speed can be managed to maximize production output minimize waste and save energy.

Operators chat

Machine operators can exchange messages through the chat page on the HMI panel.

Condition Monitoring

A digital solution for predictive maintenance, to identify deviation in process functionality and plan maintenance operations in advance. Machine vibration sensors collect, measure and analyze data to detect anomalies and take appropriate actions.



Unplanned reactive maintenance reduction, allows production continuity and line life cycle efficiency optimization.


Reduction of spare parts warehouse cost and possibility to plan technical interventions in advance and only if needed.


The sensors are positioned on the machines, directly where failures could occur, causing damages, downtime and production loss.


A colour condition scale evaluates measured data and supplies a green-yellow-red condition code, both on the individual machines and the single sensors located on the machines. For each sensor technical vibration data is analysed and stored in easy-to-read dashboards

Process Control System

Virtual production supervisors to measure and keep under control, in real time, the most important properties of tissue and finished product: paper caliper, log weight, log diameter and log firmness.



Waste reduction compared to what happens today: the new process control systems enable to control log parameters without having to discard the log once it has been measured.


By keeping the production process under control, waste and non-compliant products are drastically reduced.


Simple, fast and repeatable operations, without human intervention, directly managed by the HMI panel.


Caliper Control

Paper caliper is measured on all tissue plies before and after the embossing. Each measurement is done on operator’s side, at the center and on the transmission side.

Log Control

Log diameter and log firmness are measured on operator’s side, at the center and on the transmission side. Log weight is checked only once.


A Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) 100% cloud-based (Saas) for Tissue using live machine running time to determine maintenance intervals: maintenance tasks & spare parts ordering may happen exactly when needed. The CMMS can be used for any vendor’s tissue machines. For our machines we additionally provide suggested maintenance tasks with needed spare parts and there is the possibility to order spare parts with one-click on our Web-Shop.



OEE increasing by eliminating all spares-related losses, unexpected downtime and reduce your MTTR. Intelligent algorithms can continually adjust and optimize maintenance intervals and help you take proactive steps to improve.


Cost reduction by avoiding redundant inventory within your organization, track maintenance cost and budget.


Powerful interface and completely intuitive, which makes it easy for anyone to get started without any training. Our Customer Success Team is always available to help you and your team get the most out of the CMMS.

More is Coming. If You Want to Know More Please Contact Us

tomorrow lab

Tomorrow Lab is the Digital Hub of Fabio Perini S.p.A., created to understand and leverage the opportunities unlocked by Digitization, to make Industry 4.0 a reality in the Tissue market. An Open Innovation space designed to create and share “knowledge” with employees at Fabio Perini S.p.A. and the Tissue ecosystem, connecting with startups, universities, business accelerators and institutions.

Job Opportunities

Discover all the great opportunities we have at Tomorrow Lab. Be part of a professional, creative and challenging team!

Digital Product Owner

You will act as "CEO of the product", being involved in leading cross-functional teams to deliver Customer-centric digital products to generate business impact.

You will be responsible for decisions and outcomes related to one or more digital products with the following tasks:

  • Lead agile teams that start from the digital strategy to develop innovative solutions addressing business problems and market opportunities
  • Shape and define programs to implement digital products and services that transform Customers’ and Employees’ experiences
  • Manage allocated budget
  • Slice work packages, distribute tasks and motivate teams to ensure success
  • Maximize projects value, providing vision and direction to development teams
  • Communicate with all the stakeholders, including the Board, Customers, business managers and the development team to make sure goals are clear and innovation activities are aligned with business objectives


  • A cademic background mandatory, MBA preferred
  • Previous experience as Digital Product Manager or Innovation Project Manager
  • Understanding and experiences in Data Analysis, AI or IoT are very appreciated
  • Business acumen is required, preferably with demonstrable experiences in market analysis, business case development or TCO calculation
  • Business Process Modelling knowledge, experience in implementing AGILE methods and SCRUM are desirable skills
  • Availability to travel abroad (up to 50%)
  • Energetic, self-motivated individual with an entrepreneurial spirit and strong results orientation
  • Team worker, able to influence people not directly reporting to him/her
  • Ability to work with cross-functional teams at different levels
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong work ethic
  • Organized and details oriented with professional presentation ability
  • MS Office suite proficiency
  • English proficiency is mandatory