Fabio Perini Brazil is the only supplier of tissue converting and packaging equipment with full-scale capabilities in South America

Its customer service and replacement part staff are unrivaled and ready to support manufacturers in Brazil and the rest of South America.

Constellation™, the company’s newest converting technology launched in June 2015, introduced a new era in tissue technology and has quickly become a success on a global scale: in just 18 months, over 50 lines have been sold throughout the 5 continents. Constellation™ is a solution that offers unprecedented winding quality and opportunities for product differentiation. Log growth during winding is managed by an innovative algorithm that characterizes Constellation™ technology, which result in greater control, quality and production efficiencies, previously unavailable in the industry. Technology is not limited to Fabio Perini Brazil’s products as the company expands customer service capabilities with its Weareable remote support service. While technical support is always available to customers, reality makes it difficult to send a technician to every location regardless of distance in a timely manner. The Weareable technology changes this. All that is required is an Internet connection. The Weareable helmet uses bi-directional audio-visual capabilities, allowing a Fabio Perini Brazil technician to remotely examine the issue and offer a solution in real time. The innovative approach to addressing service issues demonstrates Fabio Perini Brazil’s commitment to superior technical support while actively pursuing solutions in keeping with Industry 4.0 technology.

“Innovations such as Constellation™, remote wearables and other technology are changing the tissue converting industry. These will allow manufacturers to remain competitive on the shelf, decrease manufacturing costs while maintaining a positive customer experience and brand image”, said Fabio Perini Director of Sales for South America, Dineo Silverio.